Rootbeer Kid- The Path the Album

1. The Light (Instrumental)

2. I’ve Seen The Light (Poem)

3. Yahshua (Instrumental)

4. Growing In My Faith (Poem)

5. Fear No Evil (Instrumental)

6. I Understand (Poem)

7. UFO (Instrumental)

8. Watch 4 Trickeration (Poem)

9. Big Bear (Instrumental)

10. The Path (Poem)


Rootbeer Kid – Alcohol Abuse

I wanted to take time and write about alcohol abuse. The point of me writing about this topic, is not to preach to you, but it’s me pleading with you. If you’re a young man, a young woman, please, don’t enter into that place.  Look, you know, just about anything can be abused, there’s not doubt about it.  But for those who have seen the destruction of alcohol abuse, they know, how destructive it can be towards not only the individual, but also the family.  Growing up, in the environment I grew up in, seeing alcoholics was a pretty normal site.  As a kid, I didn’t understand, you kind of, became desensitized to the whole situation.  Most drunk people were  very nice to me, I would ask them for some spare change, and most times, they would give it to me.  What really saved me, was my mother.  She always reminded me about the condition these folks found themselves in.  My mother felt empathy towards them, but she also reminded me about the lesson in all this.  A lesson in life, that no amount of pain you’re going through, should be an excuse, to destroy your life, because as you continue down this path, the greatest pain, is felt by those who love you. If I bring this topic up, it’s for a reason, hey you young man, hey you young woman, the damage may not be felt right away, but later in life, when you have grandchildren, who enjoy your presence, the damage may be irreversible. I pray that The Creator will heal, whatever pain you’re trying to forget.


Rootbeer Kid – Andrew Gabriel Roth on the importance of Aramaic in understanding the bible.

When you first begin your faith, you walk blindly. You read the bible, but you don’t understand it. And some people, will even say, it’s okay to arrive at different conclusions, but I feel, that’s completely wrong. If I wrote a book, I wrote for a certain audience, at a certain time, and in a certain language. Even If it’s translated to a different language, my message is clearer, in it’s original language. I believe that this plays a significant role in understanding the bible. Yahshua, never spoke English, he spoke in Aramaic.